Sub-Employer (Subcontractor) Supervision

Sub-Employer (Subcontractor) Supervision While the sub-employer is considered to be one of the most frequently used practices in Belgium, it is necessary to evaluate these practices within legal limits. We produce a perfect solution by undertaking the audits that need to be carried out in relation to keeping the main employers and sub-employers legally responsible. Depending on the situations that will result in a compensation claim, such as premium payments, labor receivables, incentives, and an occupational accident, it is possible to address and evaluate the risks. In this context, you can start to benefit from our professional support in order to overcome the problems and open the door to a more successful solution. We respond to expectations in the maximum sense by doing our part in conducting the necessary audits and follow-ups. Sub-Employer (Subcontractor) Audit Services The practice known as sub-employer or subcontractor has been used very extensively in our country. Within this framework

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