Sosyal Güvenlik Teşvikleri

Social Security Incentives Consultancy Within the framework of social security incentives consultancy, solutions related to premiums and other items paid by employers are being developed. The mentioned incentives include the elements contained in the legislation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The goal of these incentives, which are realized in the light of various plans, is entirely for the employer to provide more employment and opportunities. The legislation on incentives is quite complex and open to changes. In this case, businesses must act with professional support in order to receive benefits from incentives. It should be noted that possible errors and omissions in the incentives will result in failure to receive the incentive. It should be known that errors related to calculations and applications in accordance with the SSI legislation will correspond to administrative fines. It is possible to benefit from a quality-oriented approach by responding to your needs with our professional support! Social Security Incentives Consultancy Services

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